Nathan Curnow has recently toured Australia and New Zealand with his first book of poetry No Other Life But This (Five Islands Press). With assistance from the Australia Council he is writing a second collection of poetry based on his experiences staying at ten haunted sites around the country.



Paris dreams

Paris dreams,
draped in satin, her smooth legs
as long as her guest lists. She dreams
and when she does, Paris dreams of Paris
or of Empire unravelling like an asp
beneath the lid. New York, Las Vegas,
London, Tokyo, Hollywood: five parties,
her twenty-first as it struck across the globe.
Wardrobe: current. Wardrobe: currency.
Victims are the boys she knew, the young boys
she’ll know tomorrow. On your knees, Hilton.
His commands are just for fun. She plays the ho,
fingered for a finger to wrap him around.
Dreaming ‘Cleopatra’, Paris wakes in tears,
mistakes the hotel air conditioning for a hiss
inside her jewellery box. Dolce, Sebastian and Prince
lick her face, sensing a shift in zeitgeist as Paris
cries for nothing.