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A bi-annual literary journal co-founded in 2007, Mascara is particularly interested in the work of contemporary migrant, Asian Australian and Aboriginal writers. We specialise in publishing platforms for subaltern writing and human rights, focussing on cultural cohesion and participation. We foster a space for critical research and avant garde writing, beyond institutions, that is progressive and vibrant. We are interested in shaping the way that discourse structures social realities and positions individuals hierarchically. The word ‘mascara’ entered the English language in 1890. But it derives from Spanish, Arabic and French origins, its meaning evolving from the word ‘mask’, ‘masquerade’, to darken, to blacken. The Arabic word ‘maskhara’ means buffoon, suggesting violence and play in the correspondences between life and art.



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Managing Editor: Anthea Yang
Marketing Manager: Monique Nair
Reviews Editor: Michelle Cahill
Digital and Multimedia Artist: Carielyn Tunion
Deborah Cass Prize readers: Mirandi Riwoe, Michelle Hamadache, Yumna Kassab, Effie Carr
First Nations Commissioning Editor: Lyndsay Urquhart
Special Projects: Dimitra Harvey, Jo Langdon
Translations: Elif Sezen, Isabelle Li
Refugee Writing: Janet Galbraith
Asian Australian & Postcolonial Critic: Paul Giffard-Foret
Ethnic Asian Studies Critic: Emily Yu Zong, Christine Sun
Gender Research: J.R. Latham
Layout and copy: Ashleigh Kelman
Peer Readers: Amelia Dale, Nadia Niaz, Fiona Hile, Pip Newling, Dan Disney, AJ Carruthers


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Tony Birch
Nicholas Jose
Vesna Goldsworthy
Elleke Boehmer
Anne Brewster
Sudesh Mishra
Merlinda Bobis
Cyril Wong
David Herd
Wenche Ommundsen
Lucy Valerie Graham
Abbas El-Zein
Geoff Page
Sneja Gunew
David L. Rogers
Catherine Cole
Judith Bishop
Keri Glastonbury
Ouyang Yu
Jee Leong Koh



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