David Groulx


David Groulx was raised in Northern Ontario. He is proud of his Aboriginal roots – his mother is Ojibwe Indian and his father French Canadian. His 7th book of poetry, These Threads Become A Thinner Light is due out in the spring of 2014 David’s poetry has appeared in over a 150 publications in 14 countries. He lives in Ottawa, Canada




A past between us

White Canadians feel guilt
about what happened to the Indians
Indians feel shame about their condition

In this way there can only be
sadness between them


Higher intelligence

We are so smart
we’ve learned how to
melt the great ice
above and below the world
to flood it again
and rid it of ourselves


Indian giving

Canada gave the Indians religion
because it was cheaper
then giving them an education

Canada gave the Indians reserves
because it was cheaper
then killing them

Canada gave the Indians pails
because it was cheaper
then giving them clean water

Canada treats the Indians inhumane
because it believes
Indians are not human