Aiden Heung is a native Chinese poet, born and raised on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau; he holds an MA in literature from Tongji University in Shanghai where he currently works and lives. His poems in English are published or forthcoming in many online and offline magazines, most notably Literary Shanghai, The Shanghai Literary Review, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, New English Review, A Shanghai Poetry Zine, Aesthetic Apostle among many others. He is an avid reader. He can be found at or



The face I’ve put on for almost twelve hours is in terrible
need of repair. I take off my face and rinse it

in the sink scrub it cleanse it smear on some lotion
and hang it in the cool air to dry. I look in the mirror –

blank gaze of a man staring like a black bird before winter
who’s forgotten the migration routes.

Time urges everything into a mound
of dirty underpants in the hamper. The only

thing worthy of preservation is the face. It
should be charming again tomorrow when I use

it in the office, and I should be happy as one who can
easily fit in and leave no trace of recognition. You don’t

know me.