Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell’s most recent books are a raiders guide (Giramondo), and as coeditor (with Jill Jones) Out of the Box: Contemporary Australian Gay and Lesbian Poets(Puncher and Wattmann). ‘word seen from a bus’ and ‘country from a mans neck’ were written during an Asialink residency in Nagoya.




word seen from a bus


Maybe a word i know. But the mountains are covered-in,

different examples-of forest different water reflects. A bittern rises

from the page like a stick &s gone, it was a vision, white

word of childhood myth. Read unread.


Its context, framed Perfectly, the single word was there room or time for another?


a word in the river.

Or the sky: hawk


perhaps. Man woman or sugar


Could be anything.

Readers snooze,

Its like the midwest,

Or eden-monaro,

At home id-know,


Feels like glass,

A name,

Lifted by a crane,

Word post-card,

With without wings-amen,



country in a mans neck


Happiness in the night, last.

I know where im supposed to take you,

on stage, for a moment.


the tiny venue, the throbbing figures


nothing i can quote, but i approximate

by writing there were lots of toys,

& Nothing like a jimmy barnes oh.


Nothing i can quote, but i approximate,


these notions come from reading books by tanizaki,


The absent pearl earring draws my attention to his dark white neck.


Ive taken off my coat & my popover & remain inactive cool.


halfway home between one & another like an oyster…


a less observant guy than youd miss my thirsty shoe…


(not a better metonym than ass)

‘alluring aspect’ –


(unknown to the uncolonised as scrub)

‘or greenitude’ –


no sun Fell Hard

on my mental verandah

or the mushroom underneath.

The product of short days