headshotJessica Yu is the recipient of the 2014 Young Writers Innovation Prize. Her recent/forthcoming fiction, poetry and non-fiction can be read in The Best Australian Poems 2014, The Lifted Brow (online), Kill Your Darlings, The Digital Brow, PITCH, Seizure, the Meanjin blog, Peril, Dialect and Right Now. Her short story, “Keh Kut” won Best Fiction Piece in an Express Media Publication in 2014 and her essay, “Flab and Excess…” was listed as one of the top ten essays published on The Lifted Brow Website in 2014.




beneath that thick skull and
prickly personality
you are softer
and sweeter
than diarrhoea



your two halves open
like ears to a compliment
I swallow your pearl
it falls apart
on the raw edge of my tooth