Simeon Kronenberg has published poetry, reviews, interviews and essays in Australian poetry journals and anthologies, including Best Australian Poems, 2017. In 2014 he won the Second Bite Poetry Prize and in 2015 was short-listed for the Newcastle Poetry PrizeDistance, his first poetry collection was published in 2018 by Pitt Street Poetry.



I stood barefoot
on cool boards

in the hot kitchen.

fly paper hung
from a dusty bulb

yellow and thick
with flies.

She looked out
the window

stared into glare.
All was quiet

but for the relentless
hum of blow flies

between screen

and glass
and the low mutter

of a wireless
in the next room

as he listened
to afternoon news.



An upturned grey mouth
green faded eyes

face and eye-lids
dry as dust on snake skin.

She managed
in a long brown house

that leaned
next to a woodpile

stacked by a son
reluctant, intermittent.

Mostly, she sat
at a table

a wireless tuned
all day to the races

as she scratched
at the forms

occasionally lurching
after whiskey.

Though she broke
a hip or two: Heard the cracks.

on raised

a snare across the floor

as she shuffled
a long

dark passage
to bed.