portrait of sean burnsean burn’s third and latest full volume of poetry is that a bruise or a tattoo? (isbn 9781848612945)
was published by shearsman press, autumn 2013. www.shearsman.com/pages/books/catalog/2013/burn.html




regina carter

thru first smoke days ov
autumn   this havana
violin swinging   like
leaves singed   slowburning
            slowburn in   smoke ov this


miya masaoka                                                                                              

stripping the live
violins ov staccato teas
the spent fuel the hard
edge ov lullaby   incense
signals   bad girl   dis   integrate


myra melford

stitching time yr blue
blue-sing exhilarations
multiple nations
chord-calling yr striding yr
crush-seek see-sawing the now


sz   – foundmap ov budapest. my icarus hands in exile / circus madonna fighting on an empty cock street / dream ov a sycamore / collection ov pharmacy / when hearts meet performance / wandering street playing chess / wandering street playing leaves / motive entitled autumn / country accident sweeping golgotha downtown / towing the feeding trough upriver / jumping over the patriot ship w/out show / satiric priest dancing water / latrine lovers reflected / forced march to the font / girls private war / street writing a mobilization letter / wandering spring : sleeping snow : kiss-cooking underneath / officer stripped ov his commune at beginning ov the badge / backwards feeding eternal tender touch ov the small town judge selling the hospital mass market / march hand waiting for two wounded april comrades / dont throw stones at each other : dont throw each other at stones – image-whispering / swineherd rippled in a cockerel glass / cd it possibly be said / cd it possibly / everything can be traced back to everything / everything can be traced back / even the smallest / everything can be /   documentarist / cubist / surrealist / absurdist / dadaist / da da da