Mani Rao is the author of eight poetry books and a translation of the Sanskrit Bhagavad Gita (Autumn Hill Books USA 2010, Penguin India 2011). For links to more of her writing, visit
Midas, A Casino in Vegas


Talk to me, goldfish
Where’s Titanic? 

Fancy a gold apple it’s
greed only if you’re hungry 

Lady Luck just wants a fuck
You don’t need no PhD in Alchemy



 Ouranos Returns

By 30, Alexander is not going through a phase
By 40 if Aristotle is not Aristotle he will never be Aristotle

The next 20 years
Open field

Around the time you need reading glasses and
numbers are leaky
you run into Kronos

Under a tree

two oranges
Bitter or sweet?

See what’s better

When children do not know it
is their turn to love
See what’s better


Cupid and Psyche

Psyche’s in the dark but Love isn’t blind
Catches double glint of Psyche’s intent

New moon night
Mermaid and dolphin
In a daze
Waves tilt
Ships levitate

Tender exuberant
Plasms light

Psyche sees with Cupid’s eyes