Diane Sahms-Guarnieri

DianeSahms-Guarnieri is currently Poetry Editor of The Fox Chase Review, and co-curates The Fox Chase Reading Series. Her first full length collection of poetry, Images of Being, (StoneGarden.net publishing) was released October 2011. You can visit her at http://www.dianesahms-guarnieri.com/





Unnoticed as flowers dying
or slugs crawling 

they pass as divers into liquid night
mysterious as the sick yellow glow 

of hazy streetlights, using a perfect
stream of blue laser light to shine into 

a line of curbside recycling bins.
They mine aluminum. 

It’s faint rattle wakes me
like raccoons stirring inside dumpsters.

From the distance of my bedroom window
they are of small statue; dressed in darkness

a mismatched pair: jack of spades: queen of clubs
placing each can into bundles

of plastic handled bags to muffle the sound
filling their stolen shopping carts

rolling out of sight.