davedraytonDave Drayton was an amateur banjo player, Vice President of the Australian Sweat Bathing Association, a founding member of the Atterton Academy, and the author of Haiturograms (Stale Objects dePress) and Poetic Pentagons (Spacecraft Press).




bleachers on beaches

events transcribed in                      keyboard hiss
the therapist’s arena                      confiscates organisms

                            happens here

at the corner store                      now is all for none
a price on fun rises                      the thirteenth chore is unforgettable

                            alongside the cost
                            of a Callipo

beneath the stands                      what resembles soreness
bleachers on beaches                      resembles shock


details time that doesn’t fall
       from glass bell
         to glass bell
            but scatters
              is built and thrown and urine soaked and flicked in


white meat

you are in no state to learn
to differentiate between
panic or heart attacks
while experiencing either

this turns out was the former
found in deep sweat
an auntie’s Christmas kitchen
while your vegan partner senses
something wrong so tries
to guide you through the carving
of flesh and of breast

a turkey that can only
be foreign in this heat
to a person who won’t eat
whatever’s got the
ability to smile produces

bite me, it seems you can

merry Christmas, you filthy animal